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SFTP Troubleshooting and FAQs
SFTP Troubleshooting and FAQs
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In this guide, we highlight common mistakes that are quickly addressable for our SFTP integrations. If you still experience issues with your SFTP connection after troubleshooting, please reach out to our team through your support representative.

Common Issues

Report formatting

  • Check to make sure the report that is sent is .csv.

  • Check the report to make sure there are no empty rows or cells that have been merged together. this is most likely to occur on the last row of the report.

Missing required columns

  • In each report there is at least 1 column header that is required. This is because we need to have a unique identifier. The required header depends on the platform that you are connecting but is often a field like "Employee ID" or "ASSOCIATE ID".

  • Currently, the column header ARE case sensitive and format sensitive so make sure to follow our guide or templates closely

Additional fields

  • As long as you have the required columns / fields in the report that you are trying to send, you may also include any other additional fields. These fields can be found in remote data.

Report name mismatch

  • Make sure the report is properly named, instructions are in Merge Link and in our help guides. Example report names are "Employee-Information.csv". A report that is mis-named will not be processed.

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