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Zelt Partnership Credentials
Zelt Partnership Credentials

Follow this guide to generate Zelt partner credentials

Updated over a week ago

If you would like to use OAuth to allow your customers to link Zelt accounts with Merge, you'll need to register a Zelt Client and enter its credentials within Merge. This is recommended if you would like to have multiple end users linking their accounts.

Step One: Sign up for Zelt!

Step Two: Create your Zelt application

  1. Navigate from Settings -> Security -> Developer hub

  2. Click Generate to fill in details about your Zelt application.

    1. Fill in the name, description, and set the Redirection URI to

    2. Click Generate to get your client_id and client_secret

  3. Copy and save your client_id and client_secret

Step Three: Populate your app's details within Merge

  1. Navigate to the HRIS Integrations Configurations page in the Merge dashboard.

  2. Expand the Zelt Integration and select the "I am a Zelt Partner..." checkbox.

  3. For each parameter click Edit and enter the corresponding value.

    1. OAuth Client Id: The Client ID value from “Auth” → “App credentials”

    2. OAuth Client Secret: The Client secret value from “Auth” → “App credentials”

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