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Zoho CRM Partner Credentials
Zoho CRM Partner Credentials

Follow this guide to setup Zoho CRM partner credentials

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If you would like to use OAuth to allow your customers to link Zoho CRM accounts with Merge, you'll need to create a Zoho CRM Application and enter its credentials within Merge. This is recommended if you would like to have multiple end users linking their accounts.

Step 1: Sign up for a Zoho CRM.

If you do not yet have a Zoho CRM account, create one here!

Step Two: Create a Zoho CRM App

Following Zoho CRM's OAuth setup instructions, create your app!

  1. Go to Zoho API Console and click GET STARTED.

  2. Select the Server-based Applications client type

  3. Enter the Client Name, Homepage URL, and Authorized redirect URI.

    1. For the Authorized redirect URI, you must enter:

Once you create your application, you'll get your Client ID and Secret for the next step!

Step Three: Populate your applications's partner details within Merge

  1. Navigate to the CRM Integrations Configurations page in the Merge dashboard.

  2. Expand the Zoho CRM Integration and select the "I am a Zoho CRM Partner..." checkbox.

  3. For each parameter click Edit and enter the corresponding value.

    1. OAuth Client Id: The Client ID value

    2. OAuth Client Secret: The Client secret value


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