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Pinpoint - How do I link my account?
Pinpoint - How do I link my account?
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This guide will walk you through how to identify your Pinpoint subdomain and create an API key, both of which are needed to connect your Pinpoint account.


Please ensure you are an Administrator in your company's Pinpoint instance.


Step 1: Enter your Pinpoint Subdomain in the linking flow

For example, if you sign in at "" enter "acme".

Step 2: Find your Pinpoint API key

  1. Under the Settings header on the left, select the Integrations menu item.

  2. Under Apps tab, add and enable the Pinpoint API.

  3. Click Create New to create a new API key

  4. Add the appropriate permissions to your new API key. At minimum, you must enable Read permission on Talent Pipeline. For standard use cases, we also recommend enabling the following permissions:

    1. Talend Pipeline

    2. Application

    3. Department

    4. Interview

    5. Job

    6. User

  5. Save your updated permission on your API key.

  6. Copy your API key and paste it into the linking flow.

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