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Selective Sync

Set up data filters on third-party endpoints to sync specific data to Merge

Updated this week

Our new Selective Sync feature is designed to give you a way to configure, review, and manage filters on third-party endpoints to sync specific sets of data to Merge. It allows you to define the filtering criteria for synchronization or give your end users control over what data is synchronized, all from within your Merge dashboard!

The Selective Sync functionality depends on the respective filters being supported by the underlying platform. Merge will indicate which integrations are supported when you define a filter.

Setting up Selective Sync

You can configure Selective Sync under the Advanced β†’ Selective Sync section of your Merge Dashboard:

To use a new filtering option yourself (or let your users choose), simply hit the + Filter button at the bottom of the page:

For example, if you only wanted to sync employees hired in 2024 or later, you could configure Employee as your common model, Hire date as the field to filter on, is greater than or equal to as your filter, and a date of 01/01/2024 as the filter value, as shown below:

If you want your end users to control what data is synchronized, you'd instead select is user configured as your filter. Below each filter row, you can see how many integrations support that filter. Hover over the n integrations supported row to see exactly which integrations are supported:

Once you are satisfied with your setup, you can preview the end-user experience by clicking the Preview Merge Link in the upper right corner of the page and finally, click Publish changes to roll out the changes you have made:

Configuring individual accounts

In addition to the organization-wide options described above, Selective Sync is also available at the linked account level in case you need to add account-specific configuration options. Simply open the account you want to review from the Linked Accounts page, then click Selective Sync:


Who can use Selective Sync?

Selective Sync is currently in closed beta for Enterprise customers.

If you are an Enterprise customer but do not yet have access to this functionality, please contact your Customer Success Manager at Merge or reach out to [email protected] to gain access to this functionality.

Are there any limitations to Selective Sync?

Filter coverage is limited while the functionality is in beta, but our engineers are actively expanding coverage every week. Let us know if there are any filters you'd like to see added.

What are the future plans for filtering in Merge?

This is the first step in a larger project to greatly improve filtering in Merge, and we plan to greatly expand filtering coverage in Q2 2024.

Using Selective Sync for File Storage integrations

We've implemented Selective Sync for File Storage integrations specifically by using File Picker, which is a front-end component in Merge Link that allows your end users to browse Files, Folders, and/or Drives in their connected account. We will apply Selective Sync to pull only your end users' selections, rather than the default behavior of syncing all data.

How does my user add a new source?

Your user can re-open Merge Link, where they can choose the option to "View data filters" to add more folders or drives. The new items will sync on the next scheduled sync.

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