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Freshdesk - How do I link my account?
Freshdesk - How do I link my account?

How to link your Freshdesk account to Merge

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To authenticate your Freshdesk account, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Freshdesk subdomain

  • Freshdesk API key

This guide will walk you through finding or creating those credentials within Freshdesk.


Step 1: Find your Freshdesk subdomain

Log into Freshdesk and copy your subdomain, which can be found in the first part of the URL (highlighted in red in the screenshot below). For example, if your full Freshdesk URL is "", your subdomain is "merge-supportdesk"

Step 2: Enter your subdomain into the linking flow

Step 3: Find your Freshdesk API key

In Freshdesk:

  1. Navigate to Profile Settings

  2. Select View API Key

  3. Copy this API key

Step 4: Enter your copied API key into the linking flow

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