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Merge Sync Statuses

What do the different sync statuses mean and potential ways to investigate why?

Updated over a week ago

Merge's sync statuses refer to Merge's syncs with the third party provider system!

Sync Statuses and their Definitions

  • Disabled: The Common Model has been disabled in Common Model Scopes

  • Failed: Merge has failed to sync all Common Models within the sync

  • Partially Synced: One or more fields for the specific Common Model failed to sync, but there are also successfully synced fields and common models.

  • Paused: The Linked Account has not had an inbound API request for over 2 weeks, or has been failing syncs for over 2 weeks.

  • Syncing: Merge is actively syncing data or a sync is in queue for this model

  • Done: Merge has successfully completed syncing the Common Model

What to do if you see Partial Syncs

When you see a Partially Linked Status, there are two ways to best investigate what may be occurring here!

  1. Check to see if there is an Issue generated for the specific Linked Account. If there was a Common Model that was partially linked, the likely scenario is that there is a specific endpoint that the API credentials provided are missing permissions for. Merge generated Issues show impacted Common Models, corresponding logs that caused for an Issue to be generated, and messaging around how to remediate the Issue!

  2. Check the Logs Dashboard for Outbound API Requests with response codes that are not 200. This will show every Outbound API Request during the Merge sync that was not successful. When diving into these non-200 logs, it can be helpful to identify if the Partial Sync was due to missing permissions, transient third party downtime, or any other potential errors.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like help investigating!

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