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Using Merge SDKs

How to get started with Merge SDKs!

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We love working with developers and our SDKs are here to help you integrate your product with Merge!

Merge continuously updates our SDKs to make sure we are providing the best developer support and help speed up your backend integration with us! We support over a half dozen languages including Python, Java, and Node Typescript. We support single-category as well as multi-category SDKs for each of our common models.

Migrating to our Advanced SDKs

We recently released our Advanced SDKs which address a lot of the feedback we've received from customers including faster turnaround time for bug fixes, more developer friendly interfaces, more comprehensive testing suite, and language specific improvements.

The legacy versions (complete category and single category versions) of our SDKs will continue to work, but we strongly recommend that you migrate to the Advanced version. By using the latest SDK version, you will have faster access to new features and better support on issues.

Legacy versions (complete category and single category versions) of our SDKs will be deprecated in February 15, 2024 for the languages above.

SDK Deprecation Timeline

To help give you time to plan your migration to our Advanced SDK:

  • August 2023: Deprecation notice on our Legacy Python, Java, Node, and Go SDKs.

  • Until February 15, 2024: we’ll support updates as needed and address bugs in priority order

  • After February 15, 2024: we’ll no longer make updates or bug fixes to the deprecated SDKs

To report bugs, request updates, or submit feedback questions, please reach out to your engagement manager or [email protected].

How to get updates

Our weekly Changelog lists any SDK changes. Please use that link to signup via email if you would like to be notified of these changes!

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