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Deel - OAuth2 Configuration
Deel - OAuth2 Configuration

For Merge Customers to get started with Deel OAuth2.

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Step 1: Create an app

Navigate to Apps & Integrations > Developer Center in the upper right of the screen.

In the Apps tab, click on "Create New App", ensure the app type is Organization. Enter in your app name, description, and redirect URL:

Step 2: Copy your app key (client id) and app secret (client secret)

Step 3: Publish your app

Apps are unpublished by default. Click on the "Publish" button in the Apps tab. Once the app is reviewed by Deel, the credentials will be operational.

Step 4: Enter your OAuth2 credentials in the Merge Dashboard.

Navigate to Configure > Integrations, in the Merge Dashboard. Add in your client id, secret, and redirect uri into Merge.

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