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Accessing Paychex Payroll Data
Accessing Paychex Payroll Data

How Merge customers can access their customers' Paychex payroll data

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When your Customer is setting up their API Key and API Secret, they will have to create an Application in their Paychex account. Within the Application, they will have to enable the API Key's Access Settings for Payroll and Company & People. If you do not need Payroll data, then please disregard.

If you do need Payroll data, and your customer does not have access to the Payroll toggle while setting up an application, please contact a Paylocity representative and say:

We are using Merge API as a third party integration provider and are looking to integrate {customer's} Payroll data to our system. We need access to the Payroll toggle in the Access Settings for an Application. Please advise us what information you need from us and if there is a form for us to fill out.

You may have to go through this process for each customer and pay additional fees to access this toggle.

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