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Hubspot Partner Credentials
Hubspot Partner Credentials

Follow this guide to generate Hubspot partner credentials

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If you would like to use OAuth to allow your customers to link Hubspot accounts with Merge, you'll need to create a Hubspot Application and enter its credentials within Merge. This is recommended if you would like to have multiple end users linking their accounts, per Hubspot’s documentation.

Step One: Sign up for Hubspot If you do not yet have a Hubspot account, create one here!

Step Two: Create a Hubspot Public App

  1. Log in to your Hubspot Developer account and navigate to “Manage apps”.

  2. Create a new public app and navigate to the app’s “Auth” page.

  3. Click “Add redirect URL”, and add this URL: ****

  4. Enable these scopes under the “Auth” page:


    2. crm.objects.companies.write


    4. crm.objects.contacts.write






    10. sales-email-read

    Note: These scopes can mainly be found under the “CRM” section, while “sales-email-read” will be under the “Standard” section. If you would like to use only a subset of these scopes, reach out to us via Intercom!

Step Three: Populate your app's details within Merge

  1. Navigate to the CRM Integrations Configurations page in the Merge dashboard.

  2. Expand the Hubspot Integration and select the "I am a Hubspot Partner..." checkbox.

  3. For each parameter click Edit and enter the corresponding value.

    1. OAuth Client Id: The Client ID value from “Auth” → “App credentials”.

    2. OAuth Client Secret: The Client secret value from “Auth” → “App credentials”.

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