Configuring your HR Admin user in Ceridian Dayforce

This guide will outline the steps needed to configure your Ceridian Dayforce User.

Written Instructions

Step 1: Configure Feature Access

From the hamburger button in the top left of your screen, click on System Admin > Roles.

Click on the hamburger button in the top left and click on System Admin, Roles

Navigate to Features. Ensure HCM Anywhere and Web Services are checked.

Step 2: Configure Field-Level Access

Navigate to Web Services Field-Level Access.

Click on the words (not the empty check box) for each RESTful Service, and click Select All. If you require Payroll data check Payroll, however, this is optional.

Step 3: Ensure Employee XRefCode is enabled

Navigate to the Human Resources Section of RESTFul Services.

Expand Employee, and scroll to the very last one. Ensure XRefCode is enabled.

Step 4: Configure Org-Level Access

Navigate to System Admin > User. Please note, the user authenticating will need "Can See Self" enabled.

Expand the User by clicking on the small down arrow as shown in the blue box below. Click on Location Access, + Add Location, and add the Company Level Location.

(Optional) Step 5: Configure Role Assignment for POST & PATCH

If you need support for writes functionality (ie POST /Time-Off), please configure the following as well.

From the hamburger button in the top left of your screen, click on on System Admin > Roles.

Navigate to Features. Ensure under HCM Anywhere and Web Services Patch/Post Employee Time Off is enabled.

Step 6: Authenticate with your credentials in Merge Link

Gather your Company ID, User Name, and Password from your login page. Enter them into Merge Link and click Submit.

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