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POST Ticket to Ironclad using /meta
POST Ticket to Ironclad using /meta

How to create a workflow in Ironclad using our POST/Tickets and /meta endpoint

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Using POST Ticket

Below is an example POST Ticket request body.

"model": {
"creator": "6ea038ec-61cf-45cc-8b3b-686ad573a1e2",
"integration_params": {
"template_remote_id": "631787febc2e064523cb38d3"
"linked_account_params": {
"counterpartyName": "Rucky G",
"role17b735bbbae54333a3a802de7d472089": "[email protected]",
"roleee6412828ee9488ba20df3794658862d": "Rucky"

Note that the linked_account_params send in the workflow attributes that a template would require. You can surface this using our /meta endpoint.

Using /meta for Ironclad

Below is the recommended workflow for using the /meta endpoint to surface the necessary metadata to POST.

  1. Call /meta to surface the available template_remote_id. This is the list of available workflow templates.

  2. Call /meta?template_remote_id=XYZ to surface the necessary workflow attributes. You’ll find these attributes in linked_account_params. These are the necessary fields that Ironclad requires in order to POST workflow.

We plan to build more features to make this process even more automatic & painless!

For more info on WRITEs, visit our WRITEs guide here.

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