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Setting Up Merge Webhook Receivers - Freshdesk
Setting Up Merge Webhook Receivers - Freshdesk
How to set up real-time third party webhooks from Freshdesk
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Merge supports third-party webhooks for Freshdesk! This means Freshdesk linked accounts are able to receive Merge-normalized Tickets, whenever a Freshdesk ticket is updated or comments are added on any tickets — in real-time!

Steps for your end user to set up webhook in Freshdesk

  1. In your Freshdesk account, navigate to Admin (a gear icon on the left navigation pane), then navigate to Automation. Finally, navigate to Ticket Updates.

  2. Click New Rule to create a new rule. We will create a webhook that captures any updates to tickets & comments.

    1. Enter any rule name.

    2. For “When an action performed by…”, set Agent or requester.

    3. For “Involves any of these events:”, set Ticket is + Updated.

    4. For “Perform these actions”,

      1. Set Trigger Webhook

      2. Set POST as the request type

      3. Set the Merge webhook listener as the URL.

      4. Set Add custom headers, and add the following. Replace “mysecretkey” with your own key. This is the same key that would be used to authenticate any received webhooks once you activate the rule. Make sure to keep the name “custom-webhook-key”.

        { "custom-webhook-key": "mysecretkey" }
      5. Set JSON as Encoding method.

      6. Set Advanced for Content. Copy & paste exactly the text below in the text box. This is the response payload of the webhook when any tickets are updated or any comments are added. This allows us to properly process the real-time updates.

        { "webhook_event": "ticket_update", "ticket_id": {{}} }

  3. Click Preview & Save, then click Save. This saves & activates your webhook!

  4. Add the secret key you used to the Signature Key of the Merge webhook.

    1. To our customers: To set up the Signature Key and Webhook Listener URL on Merge’s side, follow the instructions here! You can also use our /webhook-receiver endpoint to set up Merge’s Webhook Listener URL.

    2. The event for this webhook is “ticket_update”.

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