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Google Workspace - Partnership Set up
Google Workspace - Partnership Set up

How to generate OAuth Credentials and Google Workspace Partner Configuration to allow your customers to link with their SSO / Credentials

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Generating OAuth Credentials

  1. Create a Google Cloud Project here!

  2. In your Dashboard, go to APIs & Services, and click on Credentials.

  3. Create a Project for the Partnership Configuration!

  4. Please also make sure you have a configured OAuth Consent Screen, with External User Type, and Published.

  5. After you create the project + set up the OAuth Consent Screen, Click "+ Create Credentials" and begin steps to create an OAuth Client ID.

  6. Mark the Application type as "Web Application".

  7. Add the Merge Redirect URI as "".

  8. When you click "CREATE" you will see a screen that shows the OAuth Client ID and Secret for your account. This will need to be inputted into your Google Workspace Partner Configuration here.


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