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Understanding the Transactions Object
Understanding the Transactions Object
What types of transactions can be captured with the Transactions Object?
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In order to provide you with the flexibility to build your own custom reports with details of customer transactions, we've built the Transactions Object!

This object gives you the flexibility to ingest transaction information from some of the largest accounting providers and transform it into whatever your users need, and your use case. Leveraging this object will allow you to reference Accounts, Contacts, and Items to build up complex views and histories for your users.

The Current Support of Transaction Types:


Our Netsuite integration captures a majority transaction offered by the third party provider, which you can find here. The ones that will not be covered as a transaction_type are those that are supported by other Common Model Objects such as Invoices, Memos, and Vendor Credits .


There are three types of Transactions currently supported for Quickbooks: Sales Receipts, Estimates, and Deposits.

The "Sales Receipt" transaction_type will involve transactions in which a direct payment is received from a customer without an invoice.

The "Estimate" transaction_type will involve transactions from the business to a customer for good/services that are proposed to be sold. This will also include proposed pricing.

The "Deposit" transaction_type will involve transactions where there is a customer payment that's originally held in the "Undeposited Funds Account" within Quickbooks, is moved into a specific "Asset Account". It can also reference a direct deposit listed within Quickbooks.


We support a single transaction_type for our Xero Integration: "Bank Transactions". This will involve the transaction where there are spending and receiving of money, overpayments, and prepayments. You can find more information on the transaction type here.

Note: This does not access any bank statements or direct bank feed!

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