Yes, Merge is adding writes daily! We prioritize these based on customer request, so let us know if you have any specific needs that you don’t see supported in our docs.

Writes allow you to make POST requests to Merge to write data to third-party platforms.

POST Requests consist of two parts:

  1. Authorization:

    [uses your Merge API key to request headers and user's account_token to identify third-party platform and linked account needed to update]

  2. Request Body

    [includes model field containing object data to write to third-party platform and remote_user_id parameter (ATS only) to confirm permissions for POST requests]

The models, guidelines, and error examples are described in depth in our Guides.

Note: POST requests are limited based on the availability of third-party platforms, which we are constantly increasing access to! Refer to our API Reference to confirm these limitations.

Programmatic Writes

Merge also offers programmatic writes with /meta! This endpoint ensures that advanced use cases with fields which change based on the third-party platforms and are not already included in our Common Models are accessible to you!

Read more about how to use /meta when making POST requests to Merge here.

You can also read more about our latest update of Unified Writes in our blog post!

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