Creating the Account

Navigate to Team > My Team > Employee Information and press “HIRE". Enter the username and password.

Group Permissions

Add the created user account as a manager of the “All Company Employee” group. Navigate to Admin > Company Settings > Global Setup > Groups > Edit. Click the “ADD MANAGER” button, search for the API user account, and click “Add.”

Creating the Security Profile

Create a new security profile.


The relevant permissions for the following endpoints we use to normalize the UKG Ready data are outlined below:

  • GET /compensation/history

  • GET /employees

  • GET /employees/{employee_id}/loa/counters

  • GET /lookup/eins

  • GET /benefits

  • GET /pay-periods

  • GET /payrolls & GET /payrolls/{payroll_id}/pay-statements/{pay_statement_id}

Adding the Security Profile to the API User

Add the created security profile to the API User account.

Below is the UKG Ready API documentation. Please let us know if you have any questions 🙂

UKG Ready API Documentation

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