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The Merge ID

FAQs about the "id" field

Updated over a week ago

What is the "id" field?

All Merge common model objects are assigned a unique ID. This is the primary method of referencing a specific object. These UUIDs are generated by Merge, and cannot be changed.

What is the "remote_id" field?

The "remote_id" field is the id of the object in the remote system. For example, a candidate object from a Greenhouse will have an "id" and a "remote_id". The way to interpret these ids is:

"id": this is the id of the Merge candidate object

"remote_id": this is the id of the Greenhouse candidate object

Are Merge ids always unique?

Yes, Merge ids are guaranteed to be unique. Not only is a given id unique across your organization's linked accounts, but across all Merge linked accounts.

Are remote_ids always unique?

NO. Merge is not able to make any statements on the uniqueness of remote_ids, as they are mapped in from 3rd party systems. If duplicates are possible in a particular 3rd party system, they will appear in Merge.

Additionally, if a given 3rd party system is linked to Merge more than once, duplicate remote_ids are guaranteed. The Merge id will still be unique, however.

What happens if I delete a Linked Account, and then re-link it?

When a linked account is deleted, all associated data is also deleted. This includes all objects, credentials, and metadata. When the account is relinked as a new linked account, all objects will have new Merge ids.

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