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Applying to the Freshteam Marketplace
Applying to the Freshteam Marketplace

How to Get Listed on the Freshteam Marketplace

Updated over a week ago

While a partnership is not required for the Freshteam integration, here are some instructions on how to get listed in their Marketplace.

How to Get Listed on the Freshteam Marketplace:

Step 1: Create an Extended Freshteam Account.

To get listed on the Freshteam Marketplace, it is required create a trial Freshteam account and request for an extension by sending a mail to [email protected], cc [email protected] and mention the email ID you created the account with.

Step 2: Submit your Integration as an External App.

If you’ve integrated with Freshteam via Merge, you qualify to be listed on our marketplace as an External App. In order to submit the app, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Freshteam account, and go to Settings > Apps > Go to Developer Portal > Create App > External App

  2. Once you click on External App, you will be asked to enter an app name (your product name) and a URL (this URL should redirect to a sign-in page for your product). Enter the details and click on Proceed.

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  3. Once you click on Proceed, you will be redirected to the app submission form. There are some required fields and some optional fields. Please make sure you go through our App Content Guidelines before you create content for the submission.

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  4. Once you have finalized the content, click on Save & Publish on the top right corner to submit your app. Do note that you can also Save the content and come back to it at any time.

Note: Create content that covers the Integration functionality as opposed to the functionality of your product.

Step 3: App Review Process

App review and approval can take up to two weeks. Once you submit your app, you will receive further communication from the Freshworks Marketplace team on your support email ID. If your app review process is delayed, please mail [email protected], and cc [email protected]

Step 4: Post Approval

Once your app is approved, it will appear on the Freshteam Public Marketplace and in the Apps section within all Freshteam customer accounts. You can use your extended Freshteam account to resubmit your app in case you want to update details / media.


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