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Beta Integrations

What are beta integrations and how do I get access?

Updated over a week ago

Beta Integrations

The beta status is intended for newly launched integrations. Beta integrations show up in the Merge Configuration section of the Dashboard, but customers are unable to turn on the integration unless they request access.

Criteria for beta status includes:

  • The Integration has gone through an initial round of QA with our team

  • If applies - the underlying API itself is in beta

  • We have mapped as many fields / models to the integration as we can, with the exception of advanced features (writes, patches, custom fields, webhooks)

Please note, if an integration is in beta the authentication flow in Merge Link is subject to change. Periodically, our team will reevaluate the beta integration status based on underlying reliability and data quality.

Getting access to Beta Integrations

Reach out to us over Intercom, or email us at [email protected]!

We can enable it quickly for you so that it shows up in Merge Link, and there is no additional cost to enable it!

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