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Setting up UKG Ready domain, short company name, API User Account, and permissions.
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Written Instructions

Step One: Enter your Domain in Merge Link.

For example, if you sign in at "", enter "".

Step Two: Find your Company Short Name

1.) Log into your UKG Ready account and open the menu in the upper left. Go to your settings icon, and click on Global Setup followed by Company Setup.

2.) Open Company Info.

3.) Scroll down to find Company Short Name under Company Address. Copy your Company Short Name.

4.) Paste you Company Short Name in Merge Link and click Submit.

Step Three: Find your UKG Ready API Key

1.) In your Company Setup page, go to Login Config.

2.) Scroll to find API Keys and click Generate. Copy the API Key and store it in a secure place.

** Note: if you have other integrations using this API key, please do not generate the key! Copy the existing one and put it in Merge link.

3.) Paste your API Key in Merge Link and press submit.

Step Four: Setting up your API User Permissions

1.) In your UKG Ready account, open up your menu on the left and navigate to My Team. Go to Employee Information and click HIRE.

2.) Enter a username and a password, and press continue. Please continue through all the fields as prompted.

3.) Back in your menu on the left, go to your Global Setup again. Find Groups and click Edit.

4.) Find the "All Company Employees" Group and select the person icon.

5.) In Edit Group Permissions: All Company Employees, click ADD MANAGER on the upper right hand side. Search for the API User Account and click Add.

Step Five: Creating the Security Profile

1.) In your menu on the left, go to Settings, Profiles/Policies, and then Security. Click NEW SECURITY PROFILE on the upper right hand side.

2.) In this profile, we want to make sure all relevant permissions are enabled for the following endpoints:

  • In your HR Tab:

    • Find Employee, Base Compensation. Select View from the drop down menu.

    • Find Benefit Management (Plans). Select View.

  • In your Modules tab:

    • Scroll to Rest API Resources. Select Employee Demographics, Employee Profiles, and Employees.

  • In your Global tab (if applicable):

    • In Global Setup, find Company EINs and Leave of Absence Custom Fields Definitions. Select View for both.

    • In Object Lists, find Company EINs, Leave of Absence Categories, and Pay Period Profile and select View for all.

  • In your Payroll tab (if applicable):

    • Find the Payroll section. Click Create/Edit Payroll and View/Edit/Add next to payroll adjustment.

Step Six: Adding the Security Profile to the API User.

1.) Go to My Team, Employee Information, and find the API User Profile you created.

2.) Under Security, search for the Security Profile you just made and add it to the user. Save.

3.) After creating the API User, log out. Sign back in with the username and password you set. UKG will then prompt you to create a new password. Create the new password and save it to enter into Step 7 below.

Step Seven: Add you API User to Merge Link.

Type in your API User ID and Password to complete the linking flow.

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