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Justworks - Basic Authentication
Justworks - Basic Authentication

Help with Justworks authentication in Merge Link.

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Written Instructions

Basic Auth Credentials

  1. In order to connect your Justworks accounts with Merge Link, enter your Justworks credentials as you would on the main Justworks site:

  2. When prompted, enter your 2FA code below. We recommend leveraging an authenticator app to set up 2FA in Justworks. (It is important to have 2FA set up for your Justworks account prior to linking):


1) Navigate to Company > Permissions.

2) Add the Admin to Permissions

The permissions with the red arrows below indicate which permissions the admin needs to be added to.

Click the blue down arrow on the following permissions, and "Add an admin":

  • Edit company settings

  • View invoices & reporting

  • Manage employees

  • View all employee information

  • View basic employee information

  • Upload and view all documents

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