1. Log in to Rippling as an admin for your organization, and select the Settings icon on the left hand menu. Then select Company Settings on the left hand submenu.

    <a href=https://merge-link.s3.amazonaws.com/rippling/Rippling_Step_1.png"/>

  2. Navigate to API Access.

    <a href=https://merge-link.s3.amazonaws.com/rippling/Rippling_Step_2.png"/>

  3. Click Create API Key.

    <a href=https://merge-link.s3.amazonaws.com/rippling/Rippling_Step_3.png"/>

  4. Once up the pop up fills the screen, click All for all permissions as you scroll down, or select all the relevant permissions for the integration.

    <a href=https://merge-link.s3.amazonaws.com/rippling/Rippling_Step_4.png"/>

  5. Click the Copy icon on the right of your API key, and paste the API key below.

    <a href=https://merge-link.s3.amazonaws.com/rippling/Rippling_Step_5.png"/>

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