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Managing Merge User Permission Levels
Managing Merge User Permission Levels

Information on Admin vs. Developer vs. Member & Adjusting permissions for team members in Merge

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Merge currently has three levels of permissions. Admins are able to modify permissions for other members of their organization via the Organization Page.

  • Members have the ability to sign in, see organization information, and visit documentation.

  • Developers have all the abilities that Members have, in addition to access to customer issues, logs, account tokens, API keys, Merge Link configurations, extra technical features available to our premium plans, and analytics.

  • Admins have all abilities that Developers have, in addition to the ability to modify billing and payment methods, view charges, and get an invoice. They are also able to promote/demote other organization members' permissions.

In general, Admin means full access to all information, Developer means access to everything technical, and Member means that API logs are hidden from that team member!

Modifying Member Permissions

To adjust the permissions for team members in Merge, go to your Profile and find the Organizations tab. From there, select the white button with the team member of your choice!

A drop-down menu will appear and allow you to select the permission you would like to change the team member to!

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